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 Battlestar Galactica Season 1 - 3

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PostSubject: Battlestar Galactica Season 1 - 3   Mon Apr 07, 2008 9:41 pm

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica website

In a distant galaxy lie The Twelve Colonies of Man, a civilization that has been at peace for some forty years with an empire of machines, the Cylons, who were created generations before as worker drones for mankind, but became independent, rose in rebellion, and launched war on their masters. Now, the Cylons have evolved into more human form, into machine-created biological beings, who seek to exterminate true biological humans. To this end they use a human scientist, Gaius, to help one of their infiltrators, known as #6, penetrate the Colonies' master defense mainframes; Gaius is reluctant but smitten by #6, a Cylon woman of seemingly insatiable sexual desire, and the result of their affair is a nuclear sneak-attack that obliterates the Colonies and the star navy deployed for their protection. One ship, however, survives, an obsolete battlestar known as the Galactica; scheduled for decommisioning, the Galactica instead must lead 50,000 surviving humans on a quest for a new homeworld, where they must bear children to rebuild their race. First, however, the Galactica must lead surviving ships of the Colonies to a weapons deployment base within a spatial storm, a rendezvous that leaves them trapped when two Cylon base stars track them down and open fire.
Simply one of the best show there is by me Very Happy I love you

Season 1

Episode 01: megaupload.com SLYXXKNC
Episode 02: megaupload.com 27DB0A4C
Episode 03: megaupload.com 4CN21PPW
Episode 04: megaupload.com 5YBVZ556
Episode 05: megaupload.com WJ1XJCU6
Episode 06: megaupload.com 6RRK5HBT
Episode 07: megaupload.com 1D04S1X0
Episode 08: megaupload.com UTDG0K9B
Episode 09: megaupload.com TBQEVW5H
Episode 10: megaupload.com FMGHGZN4
Episode 11: megaupload.com UGAZ37DK
Episode 12: megaupload.com 9DI69QDZ
Episode 13: megaupload.com 1SE8Z2P0

Season 2

Episode 01: megaupload.com EMC9ZJKT
Episode 02: megaupload.com EFZ62JUY
Episode 03: megaupload.com D1QJBIPF
Episode 04: megaupload.com YC0CCUKB
Episode 05: megaupload.com JWO70GRV
Episode 06: megaupload.com MDSX9GGF
Episode 07: megaupload.com UK30BZA4
Episode 08: megaupload.com G7VJG40G
Episode 09: megaupload.com GLSKDQ7O
Episode 10: megaupload.com HC1MNNQ1
Episode 11: megaupload.com J3IIZGUA
Episode 12: megaupload.com IQ2PCQES
Episode 13: megaupload.com C6FOSNGR
Episode 14: megaupload.com CMU70MJ5
Episode 15: megaupload.com 9A0EJRWZ
Episode 16: megaupload.com GY4PM8KP
Episode 17: megaupload.com TCT2AMEC
Episode 18: megaupload.com 5BN84WKO
Episode 19: megaupload.com LO601POJ
Episode 20: megaupload.com VA396W5S

Season 3

Episode 01: megaupload.com R7BFP8Y0
Episode 02: megaupload.com KH4DX2Q0
Episode 03: megaupload.com KBDIULMA
Episode 04: megaupload.com QAE4DC15
Episode 05: megaupload.com 1V8OIJU7
Episode 06: megaupload.com W4JZGLDS
Episode 07: megaupload.com 2KUJWHFL
Episode 08: megaupload.com RKPD1E3M
Episode 09: megaupload.com H4AJJ9FT
Episode 10: megaupload.com 0M8B7CDV
Episode 11: megaupload.com WASWTNEZ
Episode 12: megaupload.com H8ZGL673
Episode 13: megaupload.com YFP1WVB5
Episode 14: megaupload.com FBF2PZBH
Episode 15: megaupload.com GOP932U0
Episode 16: megaupload.com Y1PIAECG
Episode 17: megaupload.com YPI59D3U
Episode 18: megaupload.com F2LMGHCS
Episode 19: megaupload.com EWNJUAXH
Episode 20: megaupload.com OGO57IEO

Broken link(s)? Just leave a comment and it will be re-uped as soon as possible!

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Battlestar Galactica Season 1 - 3
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