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 Smallville Seasons 1-6

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PostSubject: Smallville Seasons 1-6   Smallville Seasons 1-6 Icon_minitimeSun Apr 06, 2008 12:22 pm

Smallville tells the tale of a teenage Clark Kent in the days before he was Superman. It is the town where he came from where very strange things started happening with his arrival in a spaceship in the midst of a meteor storm of green rocks. Clark must deal with a variety of individuals given powers by the green rocks, keep his powers a secret, cope with his friendship with a young Lex Luthor, and balance the two girls in his life, Chloe and Lana. The show also shows us how Lex Luthor develops from a friend of Clark's and kinda-okay guy to (presumably) the villain who will plague Superman in his later years.

Smallville Seasons 1-6 Smallvillewj2

Download Smallville

Smallville - The Complete First Season

Episode 01-Pilot
megaupload.com 1H4102AW

Episode 02-Metamorphosis
megaupload.com HB03IK9T

Episode 03-Hothead
megaupload.com VKDSZ2W7

Episode 04-X-Ray
megaupload.com Y1J9TQHX

Episode 05-Cool
megaupload.com 18W5ZK89

Episode 06-Hourglass
megaupload.com G1SHTL3W

Episode 07-Craving
megaupload.com XA26I5U8

Episode 08-Jitters
megaupload.com FGMB15GR

Episode 09-Rogue
megaupload.com 7BS9AQLJ

Episode 10-Shimmer
megaupload.com 3FFX6TRO

Episode 11-Hug
megaupload.com FNXOFLET

Episode 12-Leech
megaupload.com BSCHGOBF

Episode 13-Kinetic
megaupload.com A6J0YT7O

Episode 14-Zero
megaupload.com F9N6GE0M

Episode 15-Nicodemus
megaupload.com 5I4XXBIS

Episode 16-Stray
megaupload.com 43L3FIYJ

Episode 17-Reaper
megaupload.com Q7YFJCTA

Episode 18-Drone
megaupload.com 4O6TBU8W

Episode 19-Crush
megaupload.com 21BM5FNH

Episode 20-Obscura
megaupload.com CGP46Q7M

Episode 21-Tempest
megaupload.com EIXN5RJ8


Smallville - The Complete Second Season

Episode 01-Vortex
megaupload.com PV5EKGJH

Episode 02-Heat
megaupload.com OKD1YD43

Episode 03-Duplicity
megaupload.com AAKEV3JR

Episode 04-Red
megaupload.com E7DHLNNN

Episode 05-Nocturne
megaupload.com 2XHD6Q9U

Episode 06-Redux
megaupload.com 39HQTS98

Episode 07-Lineage
megaupload.com KKUK96GP

Episode 08-Ryan
megaupload.com 5F95K82D

Episode 09-Dichotic
megaupload.com PRF9N9FH

Episode 10-Skinwalker
megaupload.com T411GDQG

Episode 11-Visage
megaupload.com BO6A2CGN

Episode 12-Insurgence
megaupload.com 4U32REOY

Episode 13-Suspect
megaupload.com T7SJT2MY

Episode 14-Rush
megaupload.com 44RTZWZ2

Episode 15-Prodigal
megaupload.com 1F2G96RO

Episode 16-Fever
megaupload.com 6EKHIVD3

Episode 17-Rosetta
megaupload.com 3726Y57Q

Episode 18-Visitor
megaupload.com CV32MTEC

Episode 19-Precipice
megaupload.com FAZ9WWUM

Episode 20-Witness
megaupload.com WR41TSN4

Episode 21-Accelerate
megaupload.com 4RN7MUGW

Episode 22-Calling
megaupload.com C02LBJBH

Episode 23-Exodus
megaupload.com MEX0YPD5


Smallville - The Complete Third Season

Episode 01-Exile
megaupload.com DPM9K6K1

Episode 02-Phoenix
megaupload.com 6VM9HY1N

Episode 03-Extinction
megaupload.com GX7HFZZ5

Episode 04-Slumber
megaupload.com WIEEAIIA

Episode 05-Perry
megaupload.com M6Y6NR61

Episode 06-Relic
megaupload.com 757IWR59

Episode 07-Magnetic
megaupload.com 1UXMNN2H

Episode 08-Shattered
megaupload.com UIUGZRT3

Episode 09-Asylum
megaupload.com J50FSWPL

Episode 10-Whisper
megaupload.com VF742NX0

Episode 11-Delete
megaupload.com WTCMGAM2

Episode 12-Hereafter
megaupload.com EXLEYXO0

Episode 13-Velocity
megaupload.com H8ETGLOX

Episode 14-Obsession
megaupload.com K2HFNO9B

Episode 15-Resurrection
megaupload.com UW2G09TI

Episode 16-Crisis
megaupload.com B2UG2SJE

Episode 17-Legacy
megaupload.com 97STRHYQ

Episode 18-Truth
megaupload.com MXJGFJ0M

Episode 19-Memoria
megaupload.com C8JX1D3Y

Episode 20-Talisman
megaupload.com B1TLPBC4

Episode 21-Forsaken
megaupload.com 24ND8N0R

Episode 22-Covenant
megaupload.com LYA1KBIS


Smallville - The Complete Fourth Season

Episode 01-Crusade
megaupload.com 0OFJLME8

Episode 02-Gone
megaupload.com XD4X12PX

Episode 03-Facade
megaupload.com 50HWFET8

Episode 04-Devoted
megaupload.com TZC9C7IV

Episode 05-Run
megaupload.com SYABFJBD

Episode 06-Transferrence
megaupload.com LY5ISE2D

Episode 07-Jinx
megaupload.com S9LFXWBB

Episode 08-Spell
megaupload.com CCZOZNUY

Episode 09-Bound
megaupload.com MK0VXN0B

Episode 10-Scare
megaupload.com 2J3I6LCT

Episode 11-Unsafe
megaupload.com CKZ074V5

Episode 12-Pariah
megaupload.com GSB1OBCN

Episode 13-Recruit
megaupload.com 6Z06SIA8

Episode 14-Krypto
megaupload.com TEG68XZ0

Episode 15-Sacred
megaupload.com ROD4T44J

Episode 16-Lucy
megaupload.com 2YH6EOJA

Episode 17-Onyx
megaupload.com XRRTOS8X

Episode 18-Spirit
megaupload.com 0OAJKGWR

Episode 19-Blank
megaupload.com 8BB1OQOA

Episode 20-Ageless
megaupload.com IAL55HS0

Episode 21-Forever
megaupload.com FH1MJQLN

Episode 22-Commencement
megaupload.com 25A2ODYZ


Smallville - The Complete Fifth Season

Episode 01-Arrival
megaupload.com DNVUF2CD

Episode 02-Mortal
megaupload.com 3ITEF0LM

Episode 03-Hidden
megaupload.com PNO8X4QU

Episode 04-Aquaman
megaupload.com 0NL7SY97

Episode 05-Thirst
megaupload.com N635M3JC

Episode 06-Exposed
megaupload.com 5BPUJ9UV

Episode 07-Splinter
megaupload.com GRT0NWYK

Episode 08-Solitude
megaupload.com XDWOA7NF

Episode 09-Lexmas
megaupload.com YOVYRCP4

Episode 10-Fanatic
megaupload.com FMI38P7C

Episode 11-Lockdown
megaupload.com 0Q3RLAWF

Episode 12-Reckoning
megaupload.com 19EJ6BDK

Episode 12-Reckoning (Mirror)
Part-I: megaupload.com UT5FSB31
Part-II: megaupload.com TFN0J1XI

Episode 13-Vengeance
megaupload.com 314HESL4

Episode 14-Tomb
megaupload.com TEPKQGIO

Episode 15-Cyborg
megaupload.com RPZ8L0GZ

Episode 16-Hypnotic
megaupload.com EJGZVEIZ

Episode 17-Void
megaupload.com LL0H425Y

Episode 18-Fragile
megaupload.com 0MXQ8WBK

Episode 19-Mercy
megaupload.com X3KHQILO

Episode 20-Fade
megaupload.com MW4X4H42

Episode 21-Oracle
megaupload.com 21G29WYV

Episode 22-The Vessel
megaupload.com PW3S8NQJ


Smallville - Sixth Season 01-17

Episode 01-Zod
megaupload.com EO78J8FU

Episode 02-Sneeze
megaupload.com 6MCKHXV7

Episode 03-Wither
megaupload.com 4AQ6NUFR

Episode 04-Arrow
megaupload.com LGNVTW56

Episode 05-Subterranean
megaupload.com ML73MWH5

Episode 06-Reunion
megaupload.com 0OHK8FY9

Episode 07-Fallout
megaupload.com NKNFGUG6

Episode 08-Rage
megaupload.com N8VI4TJU

Episode 09-Static
megaupload.com BOQ52QBO

Episode 10-Hydro
megaupload.com I3K6IULZ

Episode 11-Justice
megaupload.com M7M9YPA4

Episode 12-Labyrinth
megaupload.com EV705ERH

Episode 13-Crimson
megaupload.com 0LNSFZKG

Episode 14-Trespass
megaupload.com HLUC771Z

Episode 15-Freak
megaupload.com S76Y1L84

Episode 16-Promise
megaupload.com F0KY5TBH

Episode 17-Combat
megaupload.com UU52SSPL


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Smallville Seasons 1-6
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